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Our organization is one of the premier service provider engaged in offering services for collection, recycling and safe disposal of electrical & electronics scraps. Starting amidst the advanced and stable organizations of the industry, we provide the clients with Data Erasure...

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About E-Waste

The Main Features

electronic waste, e-waste, e-scrap, or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) describes loosely discarded, surplus, obsolete...

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Data Security

Services & Relations

Getting rid of old technology can be hazardous, since there's very likely sensitive data still on it. Even if it is erased...

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Vision & Mission

Celebrating for it's passion

Electronic wastage is harmful to the environment and it is making huge irrevocable loss to the environment. We strive to collect and segregate...

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Electrical Recycle

Electrical recycling refers to recycling of light and heavy electrical appliances.

Data Erasure

The digital world of information mandates users to store data in rewritable media such as Solid state devices, magnetic devices.

Electronic Recycle

Right from consumer goods till the controlling boards are called as Electronics waste.


The next-big-challenge of E-Waste recycle is handling the goods to and fro the factory and its location.

Plastics Recycle

Having named them generally as plastic, they are not so simple to be classified that way.

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VIROGREEN India Pvt Ltd formerly Ultrust Solutions in Ultra Trust proud member of the Industrial Waste management Association of Tamilnadu.....