Plastics Recycle

Expansion Plan
  1. We have installed a Unique & Cost effective Plant to extract Fuel from waste Plastics.

  2. It is a complete automatic plant with all necessary Control & Safety equipments.

  3. The Fuel would be extracted by using Pyrolysis Technology.

  4. The output material would be Furnace Oil.

Despite all of the technologies advances over the recent years in the reclamation of plastics, there remains a portion of the plastic waste stream that cannot be mechanically recycled due to contamination, Lack of Markets or the Inability to Separate Plastics that can make recovery Unfeasible. In India, much of this non-recycled plastic then becomes land filled..

The benefits presented by plastic to fuel (PTF) technologies are two-fold:

Transforming non-recycled plastic into a valuable commodity and creating a reliable source of alternative energy from an abundant, no-cost feedstock and no land fill and dust are collected separately with less emission..